Top 5 common skin care mistakes

We all (some people more, some others less) treat our skin and follow a specific skin care routine to keep it young, fresh and glowing. However, sometimes – without even realizing it – we make certain mistakes that rather harm than benefit our skin. Which are the 5 most common mistakes to avoid?

Not applying the right products

We should realize that different skin types manifest different needs and as we grow older our epidermis changes. For this reason, using products that don’t meet the needs of our skin or keep on using the same formulas that we chose for ourselves when we were younger, is wrong. We should adapt our care routine to the needs of our own skin, always choosing the right products.

Top 5 common skin care mistakes
Not cleansing our skin thoroughly

Cleansing is necessary as it removes dirt, bacteria, sebum and excess oil from our skin. We must be meticulous and extremely regular, since the omission of proper cleansing makes our skin prone to inflammation, black spots, dullness as well as premature aging. In other words, washing our face morning and evening is the least we can do. Moreover, we shouldn’t neglect to remove make up at the end of a busy day. Skipping make up removal is a primary reason for “burdening” our skin in addition to premature aging, thus include in your daily care routine Cleansing Lotion with olive oil & white tea, which deeply cleanses and leaves the skin free of impurities, make up and greasiness, while offering hydration, softness and radiance. It’s suitable even for waterproof make up, while you may also use it without hesitation to the eye area.

Skipping hydration

Daily hydration, either by using the appropriate moisturizing products or by following a proper nutrition (increased intake of water, juices, fruits and vegetables) is essential. Along with cleansing, it’s the most important step to follow faithfully, since it nourishes the skin, and helps it to regain its lost moisture, protecting it from dryness, dehydration and premature aging. In other words, to achieve a healthy and firm skin we stay well-hydrated by any means necessary!

Not exfoliating (or overdoing it)

Exfoliation is the most effective way to remove dead skin cells and allow skin care products to penetrate deeper. Therefore, we should never neglect it (yet, neither should we exaggerate it). Once or twice a week, exfoliate your skin using Face Peeling with olive oil & white tea, which supports the removal of dead skin cells, cleanses and revitalizes without drying.

Wearing sunscreen only during summer

Constant skin care with specialized sunscreen cosmetic products is absolutely necessary all year round, even on hazy autumn or winter days. A sunscreen with a moderate or high SPF ensures protection from premature aging, sunburns, dehydration as well as photoaging, while also hydrating the skin and helping it to retain its natural moisture. Overall, there is one rule: we don’t leave home without applying our favorite sunscreen first!

Is it time to re-assess your skin care routine?

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