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First-time camping holidays: Everything you need to know!

For many people, camping is a travel philosophy, a way of life. It is mainly preferred by those who wish to spend their free time as close to nature as possible, while others favor it for economic reasons, as camping holidays cost much less than conventional hotel holidays. Finally, many parents consider camping an attractive option for children, as it offers them the opportunity to play around all day long.

first time camping

Nevertheless, the idea of camping holidays is not welcomed by everyone. In fact, people who have never tried something similar may be negative about it. However, the truth is that organized camping holidays do not differ from hotel or rental room holidays significantly, in the sense that, nowadays, many organized campsites are fully equipped, providing a host of services such as toilets, showers, laundry facilities, restaurants, swimming pools, mini markets, etc. Undoubtedly, camping holidays present some difficulties, which are, however, easily circumvented with proper planning.

First-time camping holidays: Get ready

If you are considering giving a chance to camping holidays and do not know exactly what to look out for, we are here to help you. You should pay particular attention to the following:

Choose your camping spot carefully: If you have the luxury of choice, try to pitch your tent in a shady spot, while if you are looking for some quiet and privacy, avoid areas where large groups, younger people, or families with their children usually camp.

Get organized with the necessities of accommodation: The tent is the most important equipment for those who choose camping holidays. If you do not have yours, you will need to buy or borrow one from a friend. In any case, make sure that your tent is in good condition, especially ensuring that it closes properly in order to avoid any “uninvited” guests. In addition, the camping accommodation package includes airbeds, sleeping bags, and (inflatable) pillows for a restful sleep, while the set should be complemented by comfortable folding chairs or lounge chairs and a table.

Smart food choices: A thermos and a cooler are essential, as they will help you preserve food and drinks such as fruits, vegetables, beer, soft drinks, etc. If you wish to cook food, you will need a medium gas bottle as well as a coffee pot, a cooking pot or a pan. Of course, a pocketknife, a lighter, plastic plates, drinking cups, and forks are essential.

Few yet practical clothes: Clothing is a matter of taste; however, there is no need to pack everything from your wardrobe. A few short-sleeved shirts, jeans, shorts, swimwear, flip-flops, a hat and a towel are all you need. Complement these with a light jacket and a pair of closed-toe sneakers, and you will be ready.

A few more basics: Camping holidays also require packing a sunscreen, shampoo and shower gel, toothpaste and toothbrush, toilet papers, clothes pegs and a rope, garbage bags, a hammer, wireless chargers, a medicine kit, a torch and -for sure- insect repellents and after-bites.

Having packed all the above things, you can go camping without worrying about missing anything! Lastly, all organized camps have rules that ensure all campers reside comfortably and safely, while also safeguarding the harmony and proper operation of the camp:

  • Quiet hours must be respected between 2pm to 5pm and 11pm to 8am.
  • The area should be kept clean, and the natural environment should be respected.
  • Low volume on radios and televisions should be maintained to avoid disturbing others.
  • It is imperative that staff are informed about visitors.
  • Personal belongings can be left at the campsite reception for safety reasons.
  • Before leaving, we make sure to clean up our tent spot for the next camper.

Enjoy your summer holidays!

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