September: The best time for new beginnings!

Summer is slowly coming to an end and it’s almost time that we returned to our daily routine and habits. Instead of being melancholic (as usual) about the end of summertime, we decided to do something different this year; to view September as a good opportunity to restart. After all, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that September marks a kind of “New Year’s Eve”, since it’s the month that, as we will explain below, gives us the most opportunities for change and renewal.

Goals for the new season

This year’s September, dare to break the habit and finally fulfill everything you have ever desired or try something completely unknown, thus discovering your talents and inclinations. Start off assertively and optimistically by trying to:

Organize your daily life better: Planning, from household shopping to children’s extracurricular activities, is the only solution if you wish to achieve your personal goals. Stop trying to convince yourself that it’s a feature that doesn’t fit your character. In other words, put the excuses aside and get organized. Write down your obligations, stay consistent and process them effectively on time without procrastinating. Manage your time properly in order to have the leisure to do things that please you and fill you up daily. Not worth it?

Attend an educational program: September coincides with the new academic year and it’s the right time to start attending a seminar or a course. Want to evolve professionally? Start a related to your job course. Wish to tackle something completely different? Study a foreign language or a musical instrument, train on computers or discover your municipality’s educational programs to explore your talent in painting, ceramics, creative writing, etc. Whatever you choose, aim to get satisfied and just do it!

Mind the quality of your life: Goals referring to nutrition, fitness and exercise are the most frequent and all-time great, yet a tongue doesn’t get things done. Actions over words this time! Get that gym membership you’ve been putting off, start that dance class you’ve wanted for so long, go for a walk or try becoming a winter swimmer. As for your diet, adopt healthier eating habits, consume more fruits and vegetables, limit alcohol and fast food. If you still need it, visit the nutritionist your friend recommended. In other words, take care of yourself and get rid of unhealthy habits. Apart from yourself, take care of your home too. Clean the clutter, donate items, furniture or devices you no longer need. Free up space where you can place your favorite plants. Create a calm atmosphere, a personal room that will relax you and make you feel good.

Renew your professional life: This is the right time to discuss your career goals and plans and focus on your next professional steps. Several new jobs are traditionally published in September, while on the other hand you are also more rested and creative with fresh ideas and a renewed mood.

Save money for your next vacation: End-of-summer blues are eased if you start thinking about your next vacations or plan a trip to a favorite destination. Start today by saving at least one coin per day (the higher the value, the better) in a piggy bank. In just a few months you will have accumulated a significant amount, which will allow you to treat yourself to a few vacation days.

Don’t waste time! Grab a pen and paper, write down your own personal goals and get started today. Have a good September!

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