Morning routine habits that will make your day!

monrning habits

There are some people (the so-called “morning people”) who wake up with loads of energy, joy, cheerfulness, and optimism, while others find it difficult to get out of bed, feeling sluggish, non-energetic, and unmotivated. Waking up tired too often may not be a symptom of an underlying sleep habit (poor sleep quality, insomnia) or physical fatigue. If you sleep well, but still wake up deprived of positivity and motivation, the problem may lie in your morning habits.

monrning habits
Morning habits to start your day off brilliantly

It is true that the daily schedules and obligations of modern life are stressful, demanding, and difficult. However, if you slow down for a while and take time to see things carefully, you will realize that it is not really that hard to start off your days with a smile and a positive mood. All you have to do is to build the morning routine that will allow you to start your day with joy and optimism!

Get out of bed on the double: If you find it difficult to get out of bed and repeatedly hit the snooze button on the alarm clock to gain a few more minutes of sleep, then you sacrifice your whole day and mood, indulging in sluggishness and lack of motivation. Do not waste time! Go to bed early, have a good night’s sleep and, when your alarm clock sounds, get out of bed right away to seize the day.

Ignore your mobile phone: The first thing you do every morning is to grab your phone? Do you usually check your emails, social media feed, and the news before you even get out of bed? There is no doubt that you have adopted a morning habit that fills you with stress and “sabotages” your day. Stay away from blue light and any kind of external information for at least an hour after waking up in the morning.

Eat a good breakfast: For sure, you all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Skipping it can lead to low energy levels, poor concentration, and mood swings. Thus, enjoy a healthy and balanced breakfast to kick-start your metabolism and set your body up for optimal 24-hour performance!

Start out without haste: Start your day at a pace that allows you to breathe and relax. If necessary, wake up a few minutes earlier. In any case, do not wake up late and be forced to start your day in a hurry. Give yourself some extra time in the morning, and you will be surprised at how much calmer you will feel throughout your day.

Take care of yourself: If you believe that taking care of yourself is an extraneous indulgence, then you are wrong. It is necessary and essential for your well-being. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and take a few minutes to pamper yourself in the morning. Take a bath or shower, moisturize your face and body, do your hair, choose the clothes that make you feel comfortable, beautiful, and cheer you up, etc.

Get rid of stress: Stress is the main culprit for many of the problems that modern humanity faces. Do not absorb the stress, then go to bed with your problems. It is a given that you will wake up worried and grumpy. Find a way to get rid of stress. Go for a ten-minute walk, practice stretching or meditation, write down your thoughts in a journal. Find out what really works for you and give yourself the chance to make a new beginning every single morning.

Feel grateful: Unfortunately, it is quite easy to get trapped in negative thoughts and remain stuck in the trap of an endless over-analysis of all the bad things happening around. However, if you start focusing on the positive aspect, you will notice that your mood -and your life by extension- will change. Until it becomes a habit, think of it as an exercise. Start embracing and feeling gratitude for all the small, everyday things you are fortunate enough to enjoy (e.g. home, human relationships, pets, warm cup of coffee, the love you give and receive).

Always keep in mind that you have much more control over your happiness than you often realize. Every morning, you are given a new opportunity. Color your life with the brightest colors!

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