7 reasons to send your children to a summer camp this year!

A camp for kids can be a unique experience for your children, an inexhaustible game of discovery, as well as one of the best ways to make the most of their free time. For most kids, staying at a camp turns out to be a joyful, fun, and carefree group experience away from home. If you are wavering on whether it would be a good idea to send your children or not, you will be surprised at the benefits it offers!

7 reasons for summer camping
Why should children go camping?

Apart from spending leisure time qualitatively, having fun, and interacting with nature, there are also many benefits at participating in a “small community”. Through the camping experience, children will:

Become independent: Most likely, this will be the first time that kids will spend several days without your direct supervision, being responsible for themselves. Therefore, they will learn to take care of their basic needs by doing simple things like taking a bath, making their bed, etc. In this way, they will learn to trust themselves and make their own decisions.

Boost their self-esteem: Rewarding activities boost children’s confidence and enhance their self-esteem. Thus, they will feel more competent and confident.

Be trained in rules: A key issue children will have to deal with at a campsite is the existence of rules and obligations. They will learn from experience the need for and importance of rules and boundaries.

Learn to act as team members & cooperatively: In camps, each child is part of a larger group. Cooperativeness and team spirit are core values that are developed and rewarded in such environments.

Make new friends: Camp is an amazing opportunity for children to expand their social circle. In fact, some kids are lucky enough to make friends for life.

Develop their interests: Children’s camps have a variety of programs with activities that kids enjoy exploring, such as dancing, swimming, arts, and crafts, climbing, hiking, etc.

Return with unforgettable memories: Usually, children who go to summer camps remember certain funny, unexpected, beautiful as well as “difficult” incidents until their adulthood.

Helpful tips

Before you make the decision to send your children to a summer camp, pay attention to the following:

  • Usually, the ideal age for a child to go to a camp is approximately around 7-8 years old. At this age, children’s social integration into the school environment has already taken place, so they can be self-sufficient and ready to comply with rules and instructions. Undoubtedly, some kids are able to respond to the camp environment even from the age of 5 years.
  • Try to find a camp that will most likely suit your children, and -for sure- do not force them to go if they do not really want to. Wait until next summer when you will have the opportunity to discuss this issue again.
  • An introductory visit is always helpful. Get to know the staff, the doctor, and the team leader. Let them know of any allergies, eating habits or other special needs of your children. Working well together will help address potential problems while also building a good relationship between the two parties.
  • Before it is time for your children to leave, discuss with them thoroughly about everything. Prepare them for all they need to know, mentioning the conditions that they will have to deal with. Help them feel safe and be optimistic about how much fun they will have.

Remember: The goal is that your children will have a whale of time!

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