Colored hair: Summer guide to proper care and color protection!

Colored hair needs meticulous and proper care all year round, especially in summer, when the hot sun, combined with sea salt or pool chlorine, dehydrates hair and affects the dye, making the color fade and lose its vibrancy faster. Therefore, during the summer season, colored hair needs enhanced hydration and protection to remain healthy and shiny for longer.

argan hair care bars
Ideal care for shine and color protection

Being aware of the factors that affect and make hair weak, as well as the specific needs of each hair type is essential. For example, red or ginger dyed hair is prone to fading quickly, while blonde or highlighted hair tends to become dry and dull. However, no matter which hair color you may choose, the most important thing is to incorporate into your hair care routine products that are specifically designed for colored hair. Their special formula will ensure that the color stays vibrant for longer and hair remains healthy and moisturized.

The steps you need to follow are simple. First, you will need a specialized shampoo. Choose Shampoo Bar for Colored Hair ARGAN with olive oil, panthenol & vitamin E. Cleanses deeply and restructures hair, while also protecting it and helping to retain its vibrant color.

After shampooing, it is necessary to apply a conditioner, in order to seal the hair scales and “lock” the color. Conditioner Bar for Colored Hair ARGAN with olive oil, shea butter (karite) & vitamin E, is exactly what you need. Moisturizes, cares for, and protects hair against adverse environmental influences, chemical colorants, as well as styling, keeping it color vivid, while leaving it soft and silky.

colored hair diy summer treatment

The third and last step involves the use of a hair oil that will enhance the shine of your hair. We truly love DIY beauty recipes; thus, we will share with you our favorite, easily prepared cosmetic oil for color protection and dry hair treatment. We swear on it and use it repeatedly, especially during summer.

All you need to do is to mix well 2 parts of Carrot Oil along with 1 part of Macadamia Oil. Simply apply it from the roots to the ends, massaging gently with your palms. Leave it on for at least 30’ before washing your hair. Of course, if you have enough time available, you may wrap your hair with a towel, letting the oil act overnight.

Carrot oil, thanks to its strong antioxidant action, will protect the hair color, while deeply moisturizing and nourishing hair. What is more, macadamia oil will provide your hair with natural sun protection, while enhancing its resistance against external daily threats. Tip: You may use it on the beach as well.

Extra tips to protect your hair from the hot summer sun

Hair is daily exposed to UV radiation, environmental pollution, styling devices, etc. To reduce as much as possible their adverse effects:

  • Wear a hat or a kerchief at the beach
  • Immediately after each dive, take a quick shower to rinse the sea salt or chlorine from your hair
  • Allow your hair to dry naturally after washing
  • Schedule a haircut in the early days of summer and visit your hairdresser again at the end of the summer, when you will have returned from your holidays

Keep the color of your dyed hair vibrant, protect your hair by helping it to remain healthy and enjoy the summer worry-free!

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