How to transform your balcony into a summer oasis!

Speaking honestly, who would not wish to spend the hot summer days and nights relaxing in the heavenly garden of their home or their idyllic, green, and shady balcony? It is summertime, the temperature is rising and if you plan to spend your days in your outdoor nook, grab a paper and pencil and take notes now!

summer balcony
Spending summer on the balcony: Necessary preparations

Transforming a balcony into your own private oasis does not have to be expensive or lavish. Simply put your best foot forward and pay attention to the following:

Cleanup: The first step in the process of transforming your outdoor space is cleanliness. So, wash your balcony or patio, as well as the outdoor furniture thoroughly, removing dirt, dust, leaves, etc.

Choose the right set of furniture: Undoubtedly, you will come across with many options on the market, thus it is really important to choose the furniture that primarily fit the square meters of the available space and are harmonized with your needs, financial capacity, and personal taste. In addition, in order to avoid spending time at your balcony or patio only in the evening -when the hot summer sun has set- equip yourself with a gazebo, a pergola or an umbrella to stay protected from the sun, while enjoying the shade and coolness they offer.

Tip: Be aware of the strength of your balcony. It is necessary to know how much load it can withstand to make the right choice of furniture. For example, you may need to turn to lightweight solutions such as plastic structures, bamboo furniture, etc.

Place lot of plants: Succulents, banana trees, birds of paradise, cacti, ficus, coconut trees and whatever reminds you of summer is welcomed on a stylish and tasteful balcony! Furthermore, you may even plant mint, basil or lavender which act as natural insect repellents, thus keeping away the annoying visitors. In case you live in a house with a patio or garden, you can invest in a well-tented lawn, which, in combination with lots of beautiful pots and colorful flowers, will give the space an exotic beauty.

Tip: Save space by turning your balcony into a vertical garden. Place pots and shelves on the walls or add hooks to the ceiling to hang plants. You can even use the railings of your balcony to support climbing plants, covering at the same time any unwanted views. Certainly, you should always keep in mind that plants need special care, so make sure you are equipped with the necessary tools.

Hang lights: When it comes to outdoor design, the perfect lighting of the balcony or garden is one of the most important things you should take into consideration. The point is to relax, therefore, choose plenty of tiny lights as well as lanterns that will make the atmosphere -and your mood- more romantic and carefree.

Put up a hammock: Hammocks are intertwined with summer and relaxation. Even if you do not have much free space, you can always try adding a hammock in a small corner, offering you a restful place to relax whenever you need it.

summer balcony 2

Create an “entertainment” corner: If your balcony is not in direct contact with the sun or the rain, you can choose a safe corner to place your favorite electrical appliances, such as a TV, loudspeaker, radio, laptop, mini fridge, or whatever you please.

With a bit of imagination and creativity for saving space, your balcony will easily be transformed into your own personal paradise. Buy the essentials, treat, and decorate your space according to your personal taste, and get ready to “move” outdoors during the summer days!

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