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Vegetable cosmetic oils that will transform your hair!

If you are struggling with dry, dull, weak or dehydrated hair, or if you are dealing with hair loss, oiliness or dry scalp, then it is almost mandatory to incorporate the use of a vegetable cosmetic oil into your haircare routine. We have gathered the ideal vegetable cosmetic oils for complementary hair and scalp care and present to you all the properties that make them valuable!

cosmetic oils for hair treatment
The best cosmetic oils for hair

Rosemary oil: It is no longer a secret. Rosemary oil is ideal for treating hair loss as it stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and promotes hair growth. That is why people who try to make their hair grow faster and stronger consider this oil to be an important ally. It is also effective in treating dry skin and dandruff.

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Argan oil: Moroccan argan oil, thanks to its excellent composition, has rapidly become the main ingredient in many cosmetic products. Rich in vitamins E, A, C, fatty acids and strong antioxidants, moisturizes, nourishes and rejuvenates both skin and hair. Argan oil is ideal for weak, dull or extremely dehydrated hair. Its light formula does not cause greasiness to the hair or scalp, thus, it can be used either as a serum (apply for hydration and shine, insisting mainly on the ends), as a nourishing booster (mix with your leave-in conditioner), or as a hair mask (apply a sufficient amount to your hair, massaging from roots to ends. Wrap with a towel or film and leave on for a few hours or overnight).

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Castor oil: The beneficial properties of castor oil for hair, eyelashes and eyebrows are widely known. Rich in omega-9 fatty acids and vitamin E, castor oil can be used individually or blended with other cosmetic oils. Apply it either to strengthen sparse eyebrows and thicken your eyelashes, or to promote hair growth, preventing breakage and split ends. In addition, thanks to its antiseptic properties, it cleanses the scalp deeply, while optimizing blood circulation (in combination with a light massage) and the penetration of its properties, significantly stimulating hair growth.

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Laurel oil: Laurel has been prevalent in the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions since ancient times, while the ancient Greeks used it to enhance their protection against various forms of disease. Nowadays, laurel oil is considered as one of the best options for hair and scalp care, since it helps to strengthen hair by contributing to the treatment of hair loss in a natural way. It stimulates the scalp, tightens hair follicles and supports the reduction of hair loss. In addition, due to its moisturizing properties, it fights dry scalp, thus reducing flakes and dandruff.

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hair care cosmetic oils

Jojoba oil: An excellent cosmetic oil. Easily absorbed, transfers its beneficial properties directly and effectively. Use jojoba oil daily to balance the oiliness of your skin and hair, as well as to enhance their elasticity.

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Coconut oil: Rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, coconut oil is a precious vegetable cosmetic oil. It is suitable for all hair types; however, it is particularly ideal for dry, damaged and toneless hair that needs protection from split ends. Additionally, coconut oil helps your hair to regain its structure, while treating dandruff and scalp dryness in a natural way.

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Well, what do you think? Which one will you try first?

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