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5 smart tips for taking care of oily hair!

5 smart tips for taking care of oily hair!

Let’s start by clarifying that oily hair is by no means what we would call “dirty”. The natural oils of the scalp act protectively and are vital for its health. However, when sebum secretion is increased, excess oil cannot be absorbed by the scalp, thus leading to greasy roots and shabby-looking hair.

Which are the causes of oily hair?

There are several factors that provoke or exacerbate excessive sebum secretion, such as:

  • Hormonal factors: Hormonal fluctuations (related to puberty, menstrual cycle, stress or medications, etc.) are among the main reasons which cause overstimulation of the sebaceous glands and, therefore, exaggerated production of sebum.
  • External causes: Intense exercise and subsequent sweating, immoderate use of styling products, air pollution or exposure to environmental conditions of humidity are some of the factors that trigger oiliness.
5 tips for oily hair

To regulate scalp oiliness and keep your hair fresh and clean, you only need to make a few easy and practical modifications to your habits:

  • Reduction of washing frequency: Frequent shampooing damages hair and triggers sebum secretion. Try to limit it to 3 to 4 times (at most) weekly, being patient until the scalp becomes adjusted.
  • Proper product application: To wash the scalp properly, gently apply a small amount of shampoo to the roots and scalp, where oil is concentrated. Yet notice that; prefer using a conditioner instead of a mask (as it has a lighter formula) and apply it only to the ends of hair. Then, rinse thoroughly. Finally, if you consider that conditioner is unnecessary, you may skip it.

5 tips for oily hair

  • Using the appropriate products: It’s important to choose products specially formulated for oily hair, as their ingredients are suitable for regulating sebum and oiliness. Choose Shampoo Bar Rosemary with olive oil, panthenol & vitamin E, which cleanses effectively, regulates sebum hypersecretion, while preventing dandruff formation, leaving hair light and healthy. For sure, you may combine it with Conditioner Bar Rosemary with olive oil, shea butter (karité) & vitamin E, which cares and softens without weighing hair down, leaving it soft and easy to comb.
  • Brush cleaning: Combing with a dirty brush isn’t the best thing you can do, especially if your hair is oily. Brushes retain styling products, oils and dirt, so they should be cleaned with a little shampoo or mild soap after each use.
  • Change pillowcases: Apart from brushes, pillowcases also accumulate oil and sweat, therefore remember to change and wash them regularly (at least once a week).

Extra tips: It is highly recommended to let your hair dry naturally and, as much as possible, avoid touching it or using styling products.

We get started today! You?

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