Almond oil: a high-powered and beneficial oil

Almond oil, as indicated by its name, is extracted from the seeds of the almond fruit. In ancient times, it was used to relieve pain and colic, while during the medieval period it became very popular in cooking and played a significant role as a trade product. Nowadays, almond oil -thanks to its considerably moisturizing and nourishing composition- is mainly used as a natural ingredient in skin and hair care.

Almond oil
Almond oil for face, body & hair care

Almond oil is an excellent source of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, E and K, monounsaturated fatty acids omega-6 and omega-9, minerals and trace elements. Thanks to its moisturizing, emollient and soothing properties, it is used both on its own or as a main ingredient in cosmetics.

Hydration & nourishment: Almond oil is known for its ability to nourish and hydrate the skin, offering unique softness, while -thanks to vitamin A – it stimulates the production of new cells also smoothing the fine lines. It is often preferred as a face and body moisturizer (instead of a moisturizing cream) and is suitable even for sensitive skin. In addition, it treats dry skin or extremely dry parts of the body (e.g., heels, elbows, etc.) effectively, nourishes deeply and relieves skin irritations or itching. You may use almond oil as a moisturizer or take advantage of its beneficial properties by adding a few drops to your day cream. Thanks to its light composition, it is easily absorbed without leaving greasiness.

Cleanser & make up remover: Almond oil can also be used as a facial cleanser or make up remover. Especially if your skin is dry, you will certainly benefit from using it. Soak a cotton pad or a makeup remover disc with a few drops of almond oil and cleanse your face. You could follow the same procedure to remove your makeup (even waterproof or long-lasting) easily and effectively. In other words, almond oil is your ideal ally for a clean as well as moisturized skin.

Acne treatment: Almond oil is rich in fatty acids, which help to regulate sebum and reduce facial oiliness. In addition, it contains zinc, a valuable ingredient that contributes to treating acne also soothing various facial scars.

Reduce dark circles: Vitamin E contained in almond oil will revitalize dull and tired skin, offering a glow and fighting against under-eye bags, dark circles and puffiness. Every night, massage gently -for a few minutes- the eye contour area with a few drops of almond oil, waiting until it is fully absorbed before going to bed. The next morning, you will wake up with a radiant and bright look.

Aftersun care: According to research, vitamin E contained in almond oil has antioxidant properties, that protect cells from the damage caused to the skin by exposure to ultraviolet solar radiation (UV). At the same time, fatty acids fight against premature aging.

Hair mask: If your hair feels dry and damaged, take advantage of almond oil’s beneficial properties. Before taking your bath, apply a sufficient amount of almond oil to the ends of your hair and leave it on for 20-30′. Apply it constantly if you wish to transform your hair, making it shiny and healthy.

In general, almond oil is totally safe for external use on the skin or hair. However, as with any other product, if you haven’t used it before, it is recommended to try it first by applying a drop of oil to the inside of your wrist or elbow. If there are no signs of redness, itching or burning within a few hours, then you may undoubtedly use it. Choose Sweet Almond Oil and indulge into nature’s care!

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