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5 mini size products to take with you this Christmas holiday!

The upcoming holiday season offers you the opportunity to relax and spend some carefree days away from stress and the daily routine. If you’re one of the lucky ones who will be able to take a few days off, or if you somehow manage to take advantage of the public holidays and schedule a getaway, then you should slowly start getting organized. Where do you plan to go, where are you going to stay, which places will you visit, which are your food or entertainment choices and -for sure- what will you take with you?

5 must have products

You won’t have to make “discounts” if you think practically. To make it easier for you, we have prepared a list of 5 mini size products -they don’t take up much space and are travel friendly- that shouldn’t be missing from your toiletry bag. Since cleansing and moisturization are the two fundamental points of both skin and hair care, then you shouldn’t leave without:

Micellar Cleansing Water with olive oil & hibiscus. Non-greasy and perfume free, it is suitable even for the most sensitive skin types. Thanks to its micellar technology, it acts as a magnet that traps dirt and sebum, while also caring for the skin without causing dryness. Cleanses the skin by removing make up, common or waterproof, quickly and effectively. Its use is particularly simple and practical, since no rinsing or rubbing is necessary. Simply use a cotton pad and apply to the face, eyes and lips with gentle movements.

Ultra Fine Moisturizing Cream with olive oil & aloe vera provides immediate 24-hour hydration and tonification, while its mild, non-greasy composition makes it ideal for all skin types. Helps the facial skin to regain and maintain its moisture for longer time, so as to achieve elasticity and youthful radiance.

For body care choose Shower Gel Natural with olive oil & mallow. Small amount is sufficient to create rich foam and cleanse gently as well as tone the skin, providing a wonderful sense of freshness and wellness.

Shampoo Bars offer exactly what we need on every trip: safety, comfort, convenience and practicality. With 15 different types, it’s certain that you will find the one that perfectly suits your needs. Don’t waste time, put it in your toiletry bag now!

Last but not least, don’t forget our favorite Multi-action Hair & Body Elixir with olive oil & mastic oil. This gentle caring oil is suitable for all hair and skin types. Softens, moisturizes and nourishes skin and hair, offering elasticity as well as a healthy, brilliant look, leaving no traces of oiliness.

Well! What do you think, is your toiletry bag ready?

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