3 steps to the ultimate summer tan

3 steps to the ultimate summer tan

Summer means sun, sea and sunburned skin. A perfect tan is nowadays considered to be attractive to both women and men who try to achieve it. In fact, many people turn to solariums or other artificial tanning methods, in order to obtain the chocolate color of their dreams. However, if you are not an artificial tanning fan, yet prefer to achieve the ultimate natural tan and maintain it throughout the summer, it’s important to build a proper skincare routine.

Perfect natural tan

To enhance the natural tanning process, also making sure that your suntan lasts longer, follow the steps below:

Exfoliation: Before you leave for vacation, exfoliate your face and body to remove dead cells, thus preparing your skin properly. Peeling is one of the most essential steps if you want to achieve an even and natural tan. Choose Exfoliating Face & Body Wash SPA with olive oil & birch. Exfoliates without irritating the skin, thanks to the particular structure of the contained special natural granules, while removing the dead cells and helping in the rejuvenation of the living. Apply sufficient amount and massage in circular upward movements. Then, rinse with plenty of water. If you have already achieved your ideal tan, gently exfoliate 1-2 times every 10 days.

Hydration: After exfoliation, it’s time for proper skin hydration, since the best way to tan faster is to keep a well-hydrated skin (never dehydrated or dry). Furthermore, if you want to maintain your tan longer, make sure that your skin is always moisturized, especially after bathing or sun exposure. Body Lotion Coconut with olive oil & coconut oil. Moisturizes and cares for the skin, leaving it soft and discreetly scented. Apply to the body, daily after shower, and massage gently until it is absorbed.

Tanning oil: In case you are just starting your sea baths, it’s better to choose a suncare milk first. It’s worth pointing out that sunscreens protect our skin from the adverse effects of solar radiation, without hindering the natural tanning ability. So don’t avoid sunscreen, especially in your first few baths. However, if your skin has already been adapted to the sun, Deep Tan Oil SPF6 with olive oil & sunflower oil is exactly what you need. Cares for the skin and helps to quickly obtain a natural, deep and healthy tan. Spray sufficient quantity and apply all over the body, avoiding the face.

So, to achieve the ultimate natural suntan, you should take care of your skin properly. Hydrate well (and since hydration starts from the inside out, drink plenty of water), pack your deep tan oil, put on your hat and sunglasses, and enjoy your sunbathing.

Happy tanning!

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