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Summer in the city? 5 alternative suggestions for a carefree time!

Summer in the city? 5 alternative suggestions for a carefree time!

As July slowly ends, we are getting ready to welcome August. Summer mood is at its peak and many of us have already left for their vacations. However, what happens if your time off is not around the corner or if you won’t achieve to escape from the noisy pace of the city? Don’t worry! There are many ways to enjoy carefree moments and wonderful summer nights even in the city. After all, big urban centers hide a special beauty, especially during August when most people enjoy their holidays in the islands or in the countryside. Activate your good mood to live special moments in your city.

Wake up with a smile: Break the habit and refresh your morning routine. Wake up early and take some time for yourself before you go to work. Take a cold shower, enjoy a healthy yet filling breakfast, listen to your favorite song and get ready for work without stress or rush.

Get to know your city better: City centers are already starting to empty out and that’s a good opportunity to explore yours, without the usual noise or crowding. “Forget” the car for a while and walk to work (if possible) or use public transportation. By making this small – or big – change, you will be able to wander around some streets you didn’t have the chance to do before, and you will discover each distinct neighborhood of your city. Alternatively, try it when the sun goes down, alone or with your friends. Take a walk around your neighborhood or downtown. Notice the buildings as well as the architecture. Visit sights that you might have ignored till now, become tourists in your own place, letting the magic of the city captivate you!

Hang out after work: There is no better way to disconnect from work stress and decompress after a demanding day than to enjoy a meal or a refreshing cocktail with your friends or coworkers. Once you’re done with work, arrange to visit your favorite cool haunt nearby. Chat, laugh, socialize and get back home happy that you made the most of your day.

Say yes to an open-air cinema: A special experience that is possible to live exclusively during the summer season, is the open-air cinema. Find the screening you are interested in and enjoy your movie on a beautiful terrace or roof under the summer sky. Summer screenings are certainly among the strongest summer highlights, an experience you’ll wish to enjoy over and over again.

Organize short getaways: Invest in one-day or two-day trips near your city to relax and escape from the urban rhythms. Turn weekends into ideal occasions for short summer getaways. If you still find it difficult to stay away from home for many hours, go for a quick swim in a beach nearby. Alternatively, visit an area with a pool to rest, cool off and have fun.

Summer is here, challenging you to enjoy its beauties, wherever you are!

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