Intimate hygiene habits for summer

Undoubtedly, taking care of the intimate area daily and properly is important. However, we should be particularly cautious about intimate hygiene in the summer, since it brings excessive heat and humidity (due to bathing or perspiration) – both of which are conditions for bacteria to thrive in. Therefore, it is important to maintain the following appropriate feminine, intimate hygiene habits.

intimate hygiene habits
Effective intimate hygiene tips

Emphasis on hygiene: Regular cleaning of the intimate area with mild intimate wash products is advised. Deep Cleansing Liquid Soap with olive oil & propolis is suitable for the daily care of the intimate area. We use it to clean the area gently, before patting dry with our personal towel. Furthermore, it is worth noting that it is better to avoid using vaginal wash products without the recommendation of our gynecologist, as they disturb the natural balance of the vaginal flora, leading to the formation of microorganisms and bacteria. Extra tip: Clean the intimate area from front to back to avoid infections and -especially when visiting external, public toilets- use instant hand cleansing gel with antiseptic action to eliminate the possibility of transferring germs from the hands to the sensitive area.

Change out of wet swimsuit: Swimming, bathing, sunbathing, partying at the beach bars; your swimsuit almost replaces the underwear. However, a wet swimsuit traps humidity and, in combination with the warm weather, makes the perfect circumstance for increasing the amount of yeast in the vaginal area. Therefore, it is necessary to carry a second, clean and dry swimsuit in our bag.

Choosing the right clothes and underwear: In the summer, we want to feel comfortable and -primarily- avoid warm clothes that lead to excessive perspiration. Thus, we prefer loose, cotton clothes and underwear that absorb moisture, while avoiding synthetic fibers that tend to trap sweat. Extra tip: If we are working out, it is essential to put a second, clean pair of underwear in our gym bag.

Always in touch with our beach towel: Beach sand is a habitat that supports many microbes, bacteria and fungi, which menace the intimate area. Hence, we avoid sitting on the sand or on the sunbed without placing our own beach towel first. No need to mention that we should change and wash our towel regularly.

Proper depilation: Pay attention to depilation. If dealing experiencing irritations and sensitivity when shaving, then another method of hair removal, such as laser, is recommended. However, if we prefer the classic practice of shaving, we must make sure to always use a clean razor. For sure, we apply products suitable for the intimate area.

Meticulous menstrual hygiene: We all want to be carefree and have fun on our holidays but, when it comes to personal hygiene, we should be alerted constantly. During menstruation, we should not neglect to change menstruation pads and tampons frequently.

Eating healthy: Excessive perspiration and insufficient fluid intake can also irritate the intimate area. We aim to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables and drink enough water to stay hydrated. On the other hand, we should avoid or minimize the intake of sugar, sweets, fats, fried foods and processed starchy snacks.

Taking into consideration these preventive measures, we can create a shield of protection against any external factor that may endanger the intimate area and, therefore, we will be able to enjoy our summer moments. However, in case we feel discomfort or notice unpleasant symptoms, such as itching, burning, or a foul odor etc., we should contact our gynecologist immediately.

Have fun!

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