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What is a lymphatic massage and how does it benefit the human body?

Recently, the term “lymphatic massage” has become more and more familiar to us. Most of us have probably heard or read something about it, yet how much do we really know about its purpose and benefits? Let’s begin by clarifying that lymphatic massage is not just another type of massage that aims to relax and treat the body.  It is primarily a therapeutic practice which, when performed by qualified therapists, benefits physical health in several ways. Continue reading as we explain -in simple terms- what exactly lymphatic massage is and how it benefits the human body.

lymphatic massage

What is a lymphatic massage?

Let’s start from the beginning. The lymphatic system, also known as the lymphoid system, is a network of tissues, vessels and organs that work together to move a colorless, watery fluid called lymph back into the circulatory system (bloodstream). Lymph travels through the arteries and tissues of the body, cleansing and draining them through the lymphatic system. It primarily relies on muscle action and body movement to maintain its flow. However, modern sedentary lifestyle, lack of movement and physical activity, as well as possible pathological conditions can hinder the proper functioning of the lymphatic system.

Lymphatic massage, therefore, aims to stimulate the lymphatic system, encouraging it to function more effectively, thus accelerating the removal of the accumulated fluids. This type of massage follows a specific technique involving gentle, precise and targeted movements that promote lymph movement and the elimination of toxins. It is performed on the entire body with specific focus on the arms, legs, abdomen and buttocks, insisting on areas where cellulite, localized fat and swelling are likely to be found. In addition, it is also applied to the face, emphasizing on the eye contour area where dark circles or under-eye puffiness usually appear. It causes neither pain, nor marks or bruises, offering a sense of relaxation and well-being instead. For sure, it is important to note that lymphatic massage should be performed by specially trained professionals only.

The benefits of a lymphatic massage

Lymphatic massage primarily aims to improve the functioning of the lymphatic system, thus providing numerous significant benefits. Among other purposes, lymphatic massage is indicated for:

  • Improving circulation
  • Supporting a healthy immune system
  • Treating of swelling and detoxification the body
  • Improving skin appearance and texture
  • Fighting against fluid retention
  • Treating cellulite
  • Improving digestion
  • Accelerating the recovery from sports injuries
  • Increasing energy levels and reducing fatigue
  • Promoting both physical and mental relaxation

Lymphatic massage is suitable for healthy people of all ages. It is also allowed during pregnancy, always with the consent of a doctor of course. However, it is contraindicated for people suffering from blood clots, kidney failure, circulatory problems, or infections. In any case, it is essential to consult your doctor before deciding to join lymphatic massage sessions, since – as we have already mentioned – it is primarily a therapeutic practice rather than a purely relaxing massage.

To summarize, lymphatic massage is a gentle, non-invasive technique that naturally stimulates and enhances the function of the body’s lymphatic system. It has multiple benefits; however, you should consult your doctor first and seek certified professionals for such sessions.

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