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What is the skin microbiome and how to protect it

skin microbiome

In every part of our body, especially in our intestines and skin, there are microorganisms that “live” with our cells, forming the human microflora. These microorganisms, which have evolved in parallel with us and are an integral part of our existence, not only are active, yet regulate daily physical functions. The genes inside these cells make up the human microbiome, a complex and interconnected system of microorganisms, as unique as the fingerprint.

The skin microbiome interacts with the human body as well as the environment to ensure its healthy functioning; it’s also crucial for body’s natural defense, as it protects it against external attacks.

Daily “threats” of the microbiome

There are many factors that may disorder the natural balance of the skin microbiome, such as:

  • Medication (e.g., overuse of antibiotics)
  • Nutrition
  • Stress
  • Environmental conditions
  • “Harsh” skin care products

Since an unbalanced microbiome can lead to dry and irritated skin, it’s important to take care of the balance of germs and maintain the proper skin pH.

Take care of the skin microbiome

To keep your skin microbiome healthy, make sure you follow these tips:

Eat well and stay hydrated: A diet rich in good fats, vegetables, proteins and fiber helps to maintain a healthy microbiome. In addition, make sure you drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day, as dehydration disrupts the skin microbiome.

What is the skin microbiome and how to protect it

Cleanse and dry your skin properly: If you want to ensure that your hygiene routine will not damage your microbiome, avoid over-cleansing or using “harsh” care products (antibacterial or alkaline soaps), which can upset your skin’s pH, making it more vulnerable to pathogenic bacteria. Try Protective Shampoo & Shower Gel 2 in 1 with olive oil & hemp oil, which is microbiome friendly and ideal for extra dry, sensitive or atopic prone skin. Cleanses gently, while respecting the pH and microbiome of both hair scalp and skin, significantly contributing to the enhancement of their natural defense mechanisms. For a complete care, combine it with gentle Protective Hand & Body Lotion with olive oil & hemp oil. Contributes to the creation of a protective environment for the skin’s microflora and enhances its natural defense mechanism. Soothes the sensitive skin, significantly reduces dryness and protects against aggressive environmental factors. Finally, don’t rub your skin, as excessive rubbing can strip it of healthy germs. When it’s time to dry your skin, do it with gentle tamponade movements.

Avoid synthetic fabrics: Artificial fabrics, especially those that are tight or close-fitting, can affect normal skin conditions by raising body temperature, causing sweat or sebum. For this reason, prefer comfortable, cotton clothes.

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