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Taking care of children’s oral health

Proper oral hygiene is crucial for children’s health and, given that everything is a matter of habit, it is important to introduce your children to the routine of brushing their teeth, already from infancy. Caries, which is mainly caused by unhealthy eating habits as well as poor oral care, is the most common problem between kids. You shouldn’t worry, though! All you need to do is to help them acquire the right habits.

Tips for strong teeth

Nutrition: A significant point to notice in order to ensure that your children’s teeth stay healthy and strong is nutrition. After all, don’t forget that prevention is the best solution to any problem.

Try to avoid the frequent consumption of foods that contain much sugar. Lollipops, chocolates, sweets, soft drinks etc. shouldn’t be part of children’s daily diet. Definitely, we don’t recommend banning their consumption, however, it would be beneficial for them to enjoy their favorite delicacies in moderation, once in a while. “Train” your children into loving foods that aren’t harmful for their oral health, but on the contrary, are likely to promote it. For example, milk, cheese and yogurt, seafood, and fish are foods rich in calcium and phosphorus, which contribute to the development of strong teeth.

Taking care of children’s oral health

Proper cleaning: Proper brushing is the most important step for a good oral health. Brushing their teeth after every meal is highly recommended, however, as this isn’t always possible, make sure that your children practice cleaning at least twice a day (morning-evening). “Teach” them how to do it properly and thoroughly, brushing separately the upper from the lower teeth as well as the outer from the inner surface. In addition, show them how to floss their interdental spaces once a day and remember to renew their toothbrush every 3 months. Finally, don’t forget to visit the dentist regularly for fluoridation and better control of their oral health. This way, you will identify any problems before they develop.

Make brushing a cakewalk: Oral hygiene may be a difficult task, especially at a very young age when children react and often avoid brushing their teeth. All you can do is to turn brushing into a fun activity. Go to the bathroom and listen to your favorite song, while brushing your teeth together. Alternatively, use oral care products that are appealing to children (e.g., patterned toothbrushes, flavored toothpastes), or visit the pharmacy and let them choose their favorite products. In this way, they will feel responsible and excited about using them!

Once you make the daily brushing a habit, you will you be able to enjoy the healthy and bright smile of your children!

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