New Year’s Resolutions

At the end of the year, many people feel the need to review and reorganize themselves. It’s the moment when we feel grateful for what we have achieved, but at the same time we need to set new goals and change the situations that bother us or keep us away from happiness. In other words, it’s time for “New Year’s Resolutions”.

new year’s resolutions
Time for action

You have the best intentions, the will as well as the enthusiasm for the new beginning. It’s about time you made your wishes come true, so grab a sheet of paper and a pencil, and note down your goals. Imagine your future self, listen to its real needs and decide the changes you wish to actualize. Check out our list and find 5 small, realistic, though substantial changes to freely get inspired!

  1. This year, aim to dedicate time and energy to people who deserve it. Surround yourself and your everyday life with people you love and trust. With those who make you smile, understand you and support you. Don’t be afraid of change and stop being in touch with others only because of habit or need. Human contact is precious, thus find the right ones to surround you and profess your love.
  2. There is no better time to plan a new activity or sport. Sign up for the gym, start swimming or go for a daily walk (you keep saying it, but you always postpone it). Alternatively, take some time to improve on something you are lagging. For example, you could practice your cooking skills. Try to achieve these small yet important things you have always wanted, and you will be amazed of how good you bring it off!
  3. Read one book every month. Greek or foreign literature? History or psychology books? Essays or novels? There are many categories and even more options. Invest in your spiritual cultivation and soon you will understand why “knowledge is power”.
  4. Once a week, do something that pleases and relaxes you. It could be a simple walk with friends, going out for dinner or to the cinema. For others, an ideal option could be watching a theatrical performance or taking a lone walk by the sea. Whatever you desire, make it happen. Obligations are too many and never end. It is, therefore, worthwhile to devote some of your precious time in order to satisfy your inner wishes. You deserve it!
  5. For the end, just a piece of advice: Ask for help when you need it. Just as you share your happiness, it’s important to share your worries. Life is demanding and proves to be unpleasantly unexpected sometimes. Share your problems with your family or friends. Don’ t be ashamed or afraid to expose your feelings. We are just human beings, thus we cannot manage everything on our own. It’s normal. No matter how small it is, some help is always valuable.

Keep in mind that any process of change is difficult, therefore, it requires patience, consistency and flexibility. However, if you keep the promise you gave to yourself, you shouldn’t be disappointed. Your goal is just around the corner and it’s a matter of time to achieve it. Just believe it!

Happy New Year!

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