5 reasons to start detoxifying today

As it is reasonable, during our Christmas holidays we ate too much, drank a lot and gave in to all kinds of temptation. We enjoyed every moment and had a whale of a time. As we should have done! However, it’s time to let our body “rest” by making healthier food choices. Don’t you think so?

5 reasons to start detoxifying today

If the word “detox” makes you think of exhausting restrictions, you are wrong. It’s a brief process through which toxins, substances poor in nutritional value and potentially harmful to our body, are eliminated from the blood. In addition, unlike common diets, detoxification has multiple benefits. More specifically:

Strengthens the immune system: When we detox, we give to our organs the chance to “rest”, contributing, therefore, to their better functioning, also promoting the full absorption of nutrients. In addition, by consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables, which are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, we strengthen our immune system.

Anti-aging benefits: Toxins, which enter our body through food, air and water, are largely responsible for accelerating the aging process. Through detoxification, we reduce the damage caused to our skin by free radicals, helping to visibly reduce the signs of aging.

Weight loss / healthier eating habits: In addition to the short-term effect (that of weight loss), a detox program helps to get rid of unhealthy eating habits by adopting a healthier eating pattern in the long run.

More energy: By replacing sugar, caffeine and fats with fresh fruits, vegetables and lots of water, we increase the levels of energy, as our body stays hydrated and properly nourished.

Improved skin texture: At the end of our detox program, we should expect a more radiant and soft complexion, as it is well known that a healthy diet benefits our skin.

Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet, avoid sugar, soft drinks and alcohol, drink plenty of natural juices and water, and enjoy your detox trip!

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