Proper office nutrition!

Proper office nutrition!

Easter holidays are over and -for sure- we all had fun, spent time with family and friends, drank a little more and feasted on all the delicious Easter meals. And we did well! However, it’s time to return to our daily lives, jobs and offices; thus, it’s the right time to pay a little more attention to the quality of our nutrition and get rid of holidays’ “burden”.

Many people believe that a demanding office work doesn’t leave much room for a proper diet plan. But this is not true. All we need to do is some small adjustments, which will help us achieve a balanced diet, while taking care of our health as well as ensuring a good physical and psychological condition.

Eat your breakfast: Breakfast is the most important meal, as it activates the metabolism and provides us with the energy required to start our day energetically and productively. If you don’t have time to enjoy your breakfast at home, prepare a simple meal that you can easily eat at your office. A toast along with a fresh juice or a yogurt combined with fruits and nuts are some easy and nutritious choices.

Don’t skip meals: Because of the workload, we may forget or skip a snack so as to stay focused. However, it’s important to eat -even a small snack- every 2-3 hours, to keep our energy levels high and activate our metabolism. Therefore, take 5 minutes of your precious time to eat your favorite fruit, a few unsalted nuts or a cereal bar.

Lunch time: If you don’t take homemade food at work, you are more likely to succumb to temptations and “fast food” options. For this reason, prepare your lunch at home from the night before. A serving of your favorite meal along with salad is what you need, as it will keep you full and productive at the same time.

Water at every rest break: Having a bottle or a glass of water on your office desk is a good idea, as it may act as a hydration reminder. Alternatively, try to drink at least one glass of water at each short or long break, and you will easily reach the recommended daily dose of 2 – 2.5 liters.

Organize your drawer: Small and healthy snacks are a lifesaver at work, as they will keep you away from any sweet or savory temptation. To ensure a proper office nutrition, add to your drawer some tasty and healthy snacks, such as almonds and dried fruits, cereal bars, honey, tahini, cinnamon as well as crispbread, thus avoiding sweets, cookies, soft drinks, etc.

In conclusion, if we really want it, we will find the way to take care of our diet, wherever we are. It’s worth dedicating some time to carefully prepare the meal plan of your day. Try it!

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