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Strengthening children’s immune system

immune system

One of the main parental concerns is ensuring their children’s health as they are usually quite prone to flu or cold symptoms. No matter how normal this is, it’s possible for parents to assure their children’s health condition and reduce the frequency of illness, if a healthy and active lifestyle is followed.

The best shield against external attacks that threaten our health, especially during winter, is strengthening our immune system. This, for sure, also applies to adults, but children have different needs, so you should teach them from an early age how to follow the next tips.

Proper diet

A complete and balanced diet is the basis for a good health. However, children are susceptible to eating processed foods that have no nutritional value. Make sure that they replace packaged foods with delicious homemade “snacks” or with fresh fruits and vegetables. For example, it’s better to drink a fresh orange juice or eat a whole fruit than to buy a packaged juice from school. As well, it is preferred to get a toast or sandwich from home, avoiding puff pastry and packaged canteen products. Vitamin C contributes to the prevention and treatment of colds, therefore, include fruits and vegetables in their daily diet such as oranges, kiwis, peppers, broccoli, etc. Vitamin A is also essential as it strengthens the proper functioning of the immune system. Good sources of vitamin A are fish, eggs and dairy products. Don’t forget that you should follow a balanced diet as well, to teach your children to do the same.

Exercise from a young age

The benefits of exercise to both physical and mental development of children are undeniable. They should be involved in activities from an early age, in order to love sports. For example, cycling, walking or participating in group games stimulate the immune system, thus promoting their proper and healthy development. A gentle or intense exercise for one hour per day is ideal.

The value of sleep

One of the most difficult things that parents face is convincing their children to go to bed early. However, a good and adequate sleep stimulates their immune system, thus reducing the chances of illness. They should sleep an average of 9 to 11 hours a day, so make sure they have a regular bedtime routine, also staying away from screens for at least an hour before going to bed, to ensure a good quality sleep.

Don’t overload their schedule

We agree that is essential and necessary for children to participate in various activities and responsibilities. School, foreign languages, sports, games and rest time must coexist in their daily schedule. However, it is important to make sure that they respond effectively to all these activities. You need to be very careful, because children who often deal with busy schedules, demonstrate fatigue, anxiety and health negligence. Not all children respond to stress, pressure or exhaustion in the same way. Observe your children and discuss with them, ensuring a pleasant and “sustainable” daily program!

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