Are we hydrated enough?

Water. Over 60% of the human body is made up of water and, as is well known, humans need water to live. Most of the times, we assume that we drink plenty of water daily. But, is that right? Do we provide ourselves an adequate amount of hydration, especially those summer days when we are “melting” under the hot sun?

Factors that “dehydrate” our body

In our daily lives we come up against some factors that we, usually, do not take into consideration, and we insist on maintaining a wrong image of our hydration:

  1. Reduced water intake: We have plenty of daily activities, we are constantly busy and, as a result, we “forget” to drink enough water.
  2. Consumption of fluids with negative water balance: Every day we consume coffee, tea, soft drinks, and we assume that, by this way, we keep our body hydrated. It is true that these drinks provide a percentage of water to our body, but they, also, enhance diuresis and sweating, eventually causing greater water loss than we think.
  3. Other factors: High temperatures, exercise, or some pathological issues (eg. vomiting) provoke water loss from the human body and, eventually, lead to dehydration.
Body signals

The feeling of thirst is the main indication that our body needs water. However, that’s not the only sign. Our body warns us of the impending dehydration with signs, such as:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Tachycardia
  • Decreased appetite, etc.
Are we hydrated enough?
Hydration on the beach

Sea dives and endless hours of relaxation and carefreeness on the beach are a “must” during the summer months. It is necessary, however, to give our body the hydration it needs to cope with the hot summer sun. Read below the basic tips to stay hydrated on the beach:

  • Water: Before leaving your house, do not forget to take bottles of water with you. You could, also, carry a bottle that maintains the water cool for hours.
  • Fruit juices: You have already taken the first dive and you desire to drink something refreshing and tonic. Instead of coffee or soft drinks, choose a natural fruit juice. Its taste will definitely satisfy your senses, while it will supply your body with all the necessary vitamins.
  • Snack time: We usually feel hungry on the beach, thus, the consumption of a snack is really needed. But, which is the most suitable snack for the beach? Fruits and vegetables of course! Not only will they reduce the feeling of hunger, but they will hydrate your body satisfactorily. Watermelon, melon or peach, cucumbers or carrots are the best alternatives, as they contain plenty of water. The choice is yours!
  • Frequent dives: You sunbathe, play rackets and it has been a while since your last dive. Think again! It is really important to take frequent dives in order to cool your body and, for sure, do not forget to renew your sunscreen!

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