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6 parental behaviors that demonstrate a good role model for children

Children stay constantly focused on their parents, watching every single move they make. Especially at a younger age, children are like “sponges” that absorb every stimulus and tend to imitate everything they see or hear. Therefore, since the main concern of all parents is to raise healthy, kind, optimistic and dynamic children, they should become the first to follow this path in their daily lives. When it comes to raising children, what matters the most is parents’ small, simple, everyday and unconscious behaviors, so pay attention to the following:

Smile: Being positive and having a good mood isn’t always easy. Sometimes, tiredness and everyday problems affect you, like everyone else. However, your attitude towards difficulties plays a significant role. Instead of being bad-tempered, aloof or abrupt, face your kids with a smile, explaining that you’re just feeling tired and need some time to relax before you tackle the rest of your duties.

Calmness and kindness: If you wish your children to be kind and calm, you should do the same. Don’t raise your voice or become impolite and offensive. Try to talk and communicate with them, showing understanding and keeping your voice low. For example, if your children are shouting, complaining and insist on getting your attention at a time that seems inappropriate (e.g., while you are working or talking on the phone), don’t shout back or argue with them. Instead, explain to them, in a calm and polite manner, that they will have to be patient and – as soon as you get available – you will meet their needs.

Healthy lifestyle: If you prefer unhealthy foods, avoid exercise and keep smoking, it’s highly likely that your children will follow the same lifestyle. Good habits become a way of living when they are followed by the whole family and are taught to children from an early age. Therefore, you need to first adopt a healthy lifestyle yourselves and then inspire it to your children.

Participation and interest: No matter how big or important an event may be in children’s lives, try to take part in it, discuss it and share your feelings. The meaning of life is found in the small, everyday things that give value to our moments. Attend their school celebrations, watch their training sessions, ask them about their day at school, etc.

Play: Parents want to provide their children with everything and make sure they don’t lack anything. However, what children will definitely remember in the future are the times they played, had fun and laughed. Don’t miss the opportunity to spend quality time with them, even if you have to put aside household or office chores. When children have a good time at home, they are also happy outdoors.

Stability and security: All children need love and attention, yet they also need boundaries and stability. The lack of a regularity will provoke anxiety and it will deprive them of the confidence and security that will allow them to develop properly. Thus, don’t be afraid to get strict sometimes by setting boundaries, rules and schedules, while helping your children to stick to them.

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